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We are a sport training facility with a weight room, turf area, nutrition bar, volleyball/sand pit, football/soccer field.  Located at 728 W Main St, Jenks, OK 74037.  Game Time Performance  is dedicated to making every athlete stronger, quicker, faster, more flexible and mentally tough.  As trainers we are experienced in playing organized sports at the high school, collegiate and professional level.  Our past employers consist of the Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Cleveland Browns, and New England Patriots.  Playing as professional athletes, we believe our travels and experiences give an upper edge compared to other trainer and facilities.

We Are

Professional Sports Trainers

GameTime Performance LLC, Co Owned and Operated by former professional athletes Corey Hilliard and Victor DeGrate.

We Have

Proven Performance Methods

A 6,000 Square foot facility located in downtown Jenks.  Facility includes turf area, wight room, nutrition bar, parent/student workstation, entertainment area, cable television and free wi-fi.  Comprehensive speed and agility training for all sports.  Comprehensive strength and conditioning program for all sports.  Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Tight End and Linebacker skill development training.  Boot Camps for all ages.

We Offer

Proven Training Methods

Group Training

GTP offers training for speed, quickness, agility, strength, fitness and conditioning.  All training is age appropriate and focused toward developing total athleticism. GTP offers a discount for families with multiple athletes purchasing the same package for the same month.

Team Training

Athletes benefit by following a sport specific training regimen that is age appropriate and helps teams meet sport demands. Team training will  improve the skill and conditioning elements that directly relate to their sport while promoting team unity.  Team Training with GTP will allow coaches to spend more time on sport related skills and teaching your philosophies and principles. Team Warm Up,


Our Programs

Training for Game Time

Sport specific training regimen that is age appropriate for individuals and teams
Speed and Agility
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Strength and Conditioning
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Linebacker Training
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Offensive Line Training
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Tight End Training
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Defensive Line Training
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Boot Camps
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